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Nutrition in Wound Healing

Resource to help raise awareness of the role of nutrition in wound healing

Addressing Malnutrition - Health Promotion

All individuals, regardless of whether they have a wound should be aware of what a healthy diet consists of. Each person's dietary needs are individual, however it is recommended that an individual's dietary intake should follow the ‘Balance of Good Health’ plate (National Health Service, No Date). This consists of an image that provides visual information as to how much of each food group an individual should tend to eat in proportion to other food groups if a healthy diet is to be followed.

diagram of healthy diet makeup

NHS, No Date

Such recommended intakes and how the patient may eat a healthy diet should be discussed with each individual, as Rainey (2002) highlights that patients may have misconceptions about how to achieve such advice.

Ask a patient what they consider a healthy diet to be. Ask them what they eat? Do they adhere to the Balance of Good Health plate? If not, provide dietary advice.

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