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Nutrition in Wound Healing

Resource to help raise awareness of the role of nutrition in wound healing

Addressing Malnutrition - Patient's Likes and Dislikes

As with all treatment, the nurse should work in partnership with the patient to plan care that is suitable for each individual. The likes and dislikes of the patient are of utmost importance when devising a diet or plan of action to address malnutrition.

Wright (2006) identifies that illnesses such as cancer, or some treatments may cause altered taste or dryness or soreness of the mouth, which can hinder dietary intake, and thus contribute to malnutrition. She suggests that the nurse should consider the following, and provide advice accordingly:

Have you cared for a patient whose sense of taste was altered? What was it that caused this alteration? Did the patient's eating habits change, and having read this section, is there any additional information that they may have benefited from?

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