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General Information

The Programme of postgraduate lectures is regarded as an essential part of Ph.D training. Students must accumulate 35 course credits at least 25 of which must normally be from the School of Physics and Astronomy courses. Usually 20 credits will be accumulated in the first year. Modules attended may be in the form of postgraduate lectures, some undergraduate modules or directed reading approved by the supervisor. Certain generic modules organized by the Graduate School may be suitable. Consult your supervisor for advice on this. In all cases, course credits will only be obtained provided the student completes any assigned coursework.

Decide which modules to attend in consultation with your supervisor. Students must record their choice of modules on Form PG/RTR kept by Mel Stretton. Modules are planned in consultation with students and staff and ideas for future modules are welcomed. Students should adopt a positive role in making the postgraduate lecture programme a success. Lecturers will find comments on the content, level and speed of a course particularly helpful.

It is expected that all students will attend the Wednesday afternoon Departmental Colloquia (as distinct from specialist research seminars intended for particular groups) as part of their general postgraduate education.

Postgraduate Modules

Postgraduate modules in Physics & Astronomy are taught within the Midlands Physics Alliance Graduate School (MPAGS). MPAGS lectures in Nottingham are all given in the Grid Node room, A6, within the main physics building.

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