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Ultracold Mixtures


We are building an experiment for degenerate Bose-Fermi mixtures for fermionic Lithium 6 and bosonic Caesium 133 atoms. Our aim is to study Bose-Fermi mixtures in low dimensions in close proximity to a chip surface; this environment is also ideally suited to create ultracold molecules. 

 Optics setup                       

               Cs laser setup                                            Li laser setup

    Cs laser system  Li laser system                                         

 Experiment setup



Current status 
we currently can load about 109 Lithium and 108 Caesium atoms into our double-MOT. We have recently included our Feshach coils, which produce magnetic fields up to 1200G and new gradient coils, which provide a gradient up to 55 G/cm. The dipole trap has been tested, is now up and running and will be included into the system in the next step. Exciting physics ahead….

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The team
Sonali Warriar, Asaf Paris Mandoki, Matthew Jones, Peter Krüger and Lucia Hackermüller.


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