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Each year the School has a number of EPSRC/DTA funded vacancies and in addition the following funded vacancies are available:


There are several funded places in Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre for 2018/2019. 


Compact Semiconductor Optical Components for Thermal Rubidium and Cold Potassium Atomic Sensors
Supervisors: Dr Jessica Maclean and Dr Chris Mellor

This PhD project is aimed at developing photonic components adapted for specific quantum sensor systems. Photonic devices based on semiconductor waveguides will be designed and nanofabricated for use in the optical magnetometry sensors using atomic sources of thermal Rubidium atoms (wavelength 780 nm) in magneto-encepalography measurements and for optical switches necessary for a compact Bose-Einstein Condensate microscope based on cold atoms of Potassium (wavelength either 767 nm or 770 nm).

The PhD student will develop expertise in semiconductor materials characterisation and nanofabrication. Access to optical simulation software will allow the design of suitable epitaxial structures and multimode interference devices. Following successful optical insertion loss measurements of bare die, samples will be mounted in commercial opto-electronic packages. The devices will then be used in the atomic sensor and the magnetic detection performance compared with existing data.

The project involves the full transformation of semiconductor material to a systems component and provides sound expertise in future innovation in UK Quantum Technologies. 


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