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Placements and Employability

To be competitive in the current job market you need more than just a degree - you need to gain and demonstrate key skills for the workplace. Our work placements and employability programme provides valuable work experience, self-confidence and a practical application of your studies.

We offer a Politics Placement module, a Paid Placement Scheme to work within the school, and a range of other placement opportunities with local and national employers which may be paid or voluntary, part-time alongside your studies or as a longer placement during university vacations. These include term-time one day a week placements and summer placements.

Placements are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Undertaking a placement will equip you with the following career-ready toolkit:

  • A stronger CV with essential work experience listed
  • Self-development as a person and understanding of the working environment
  • Great networking contacts
  • Links to employers to assist you with career opportunities when you graduate

My placement experience has equipped me with practical skills that are needed in a crowded labour market: as well as developing my character, expectations in work, and an overall understanding of how things work outside of University life. I have been lucky to obtain a placement that reflected my passions and aspirations in a comprehensive manner.
School of Politics and International Relations student on their Politics Placement Module experience, May 2021

Live vacancies - apply now

Details of current placement vacancies and the application form are available on the Placements and Employability page on Moodle.

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Placement providers

Current and past placement partners include:

Placement role examples

  • Social Impact Researcher
  • Parliamentary Intern/Assistant for MP in Parliament
  • Political Research Officer
  • Social Media, Marketing and PR Officer
  • Events and Campaigns Officer
  • Research Assistant
  • Strategy and Commissioning Assistant
  • Partnerships and Networking Assistant
  • Global Conflict Resolution Intern
  • Communications Officer
  • Statistical Analyst and Researcher

Skills and experience

  • Communications
  • Social Media skills
  • Marketing
  • Research skills
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Research design
  • Evaluating information
  • Formulating reasoned arguments
  • Direct experience in UK Politics through Parliament
  • Presentation skills
  • Teamwork
  • Market research
  • Critical and evaluative thinking
  • Logical argumentation

Frequently asked questions

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Stephen Vaccarini

Steve Vaccarini, Faculty Placements Manager


Placements during the Covid-19 pandemic

We are delighted to be able to offer both in-person and remote working placement positions during these unprecedented times due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We continued our placement programmes, through the Politics Placement Module, Paid Placement Scheme and Q-Step programme throughout 2019/20 and 2020/21, offering a mix of both remote-working and in-person placement positions whilst ensuring the safety of our placement partners and students was of paramount importance through rigorous health and safety and risk assessment procedures. 

From 2021/22 onwards, we will prioritise the securing of enriching, flexible, and, most importantly, safe in-person placement positions for our various programmes. However, we will continue to offer various remote-working positions for those who are less comfortable with, or medically advised against face-to-face contact at this time. 

For more information, please contact Faculty Placements Manager, Steve Vaccarini.

students with masks on

The University of Nottingham's Politics and International Relations internship programme is an invaluable resource for international organisations, businesses and non-governmental organisations alike.

The student base is one of the most motivated and qualified that I have come across in a long time, a combination which ensures we are provided with dedicated students, eager to learn while simultaneously able to produce high-quality work. The fact that the students can either come to the office or work remotely also adds a highly useful element of flexibility to the programme - for organisations and students.

The university's support streamlines the intern selection process; short-listing applicants whose profiles most fit the job, and remaining a reassuring background presence that you can turn to should anything not be going smoothly - a situation that is yet to materialise! I am extremely grateful for their support.

Josie Lianna Kaye, Director of TrustWorks Global - London


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