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University of Nottingham Online Extenuating circumstances regulation

This page contains the University of Nottingham Online's extenuating circumstances regulation. This content is only applicable to UoNO staff and learners, but may also be of interest to staff across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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This procedure applies to all Microcredentials offered by UoNO and provides Learners with details on how they can apply to extend their enrolment for a Microcredential. The impact of an extension to enrolment can be to give a Learner another assessment submission at a later date.

  1. A Learner may request an enrolment extension through the Extenuating Circumstances Regulation at any point up to the last working day before the final submission point of your Microcredential. Requests made on or after the final assessment submission deadline will not normally be considered. 
  2. If unable to submit an assessment on time and/or unable to continue with their Microcredential, a Learner must submit an extenuating circumstances claim if they wish UoNO to consider their situation.
  3. A Learner can only be granted one extenuating circumstances claim on each Microcredential and to a duration no longer than that required to allow them access to one further submission point.
  4. If a Learner has enrolled onto a Microcredential through sponsorship, their extenuating circumstances request may be subject to approval from their respective funding scheme or employer. 
  5. A Learner will not be asked to provide evidence to support their extenuating circumstances claim. We will ask Learners to outline the circumstances impacting their ability to complete the Microcredential.Extenuating circumstances are situations or events that meet all of the following criteria:
    1. Exceptional - different to what a student has to deal with in their usual day-to-day life.
    2. Outside of a student’s control – there was nothing that the student could do to stop it happening.
    3. Negative impact – it must have had a demonstrably significant, negative impact on the student’s ability to study or to undertake an assessment.
    4. The timing of the circumstances must be relevant to the claimed impact; these are usually short-term in nature.
  6. The impacted period of learning can be any period that has occurred during the Learner’s enrolment on the microcredential.As long as the Learner’s circumstances satisfy these conditions, and it is the Learner’s first request, the request will be granted.Following an extension, it is the Learner’s responsibility to ensure that they have read and understood the current assessment criteria of the Microcredential as these may change during the extended period of enrolment.  
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