Sourcing nutrition from the ground up

Could honing in on an underused food source be the answer to meeting the multifaceted needs of the modern world? 

Lead researchers: Prof Festo MassaweAssoc Prof Sean Mayes

Feeding an urbanising world in an era of climate change has its challenges. To meet ever-growing demand for sustenance, we must consider sustainable production, processing and availability of a diverse range of plant and animal species to help meet global nutritional requirements.

Using the under-utilised Bambara groundnut - a hardy sub-Saharan African grain legume - our researchers aim to develop high-yielding varieties with improved adaptive and consumer demand-led traits. Working in Ghana and in South Africa, this project will translate plant science research into real world impact, helping provide more nutritious foods to the people who need them most.

This project is based at the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus.


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