MakerSpace projects 


The MakerSpace works across multiple projects, supporting researchers to conduct experiments. Here are some examples of our transdisciplinary research: 

Data CAMPP: Innovative Training in Data Capture, Analysis and Management for Plant Phenotyping 

Project Lead: Dr Andrew French (Computer Vision laboratory)  

This project aims to offer training for research scientists on key components of an automated plant phenotyping data pipeline – through intelligent capture, extraction, analysis, and management of data.  



Thermal robot 

A thermal camera canopy imaging robot, capable of producing time lapse data of canopy temperatures at user selected temporal resolutions. Designs and CAD files available. 

Paper; Software and CAD files

Thermal_imager 410
Thermal imager


Plate imaging robot 

An imaging robot designed to take consistent, well-lit images of agar plates on which we commonly grow the model plant Arabidopsis. The unit is designed to be inexpensive to make and easily reconfigurable to use for other applications.  

Paper; Software and CAD files

Plate imaging robot


Flow cell 

A 3D printed, microfluidic flow cell designed to deliver liquid hormone, chemical or nutrient treatments to a single Arabidopsis root, while under observation on a confocal microscope.  

Paper and design/CAD files coming soon. 


Example of a flow cell 


LAT robotics/imaging 
Since delivery, our laser ablation tomograph has been extensively modified to provide new microscope optics improving resolving power, a motorised focus stage and custom designed sample holding. 


Sample holders for Hounsfield Facility 

Our X-ray CT scanners come with a multipurpose 3 jaw chuck, but sometimes this is unsuited to the columns we grow and phenotype our plants in. 3D printed sample holders have been designed to fit the most common growth columns we use. The holders are specially designed to fit into the X-ray CT scanner’s chuck in the same position each time, allowing for secure yet faster sample switching, and including extra features such as positioning notches to ensure identical column placement inside the holder.  

CAD files available here.  

Xray sample holders


Variable gas fluorescence imaging chamber 

A specially designed imaging chamber to allow excised leaves to be chlorophyll fluorescence imaged under variable gaseous conditions.  

Cad files and paper available here



28 large (1mx60cm) glass fronted rhizotrons designed to study the development of crop roots over time. More information about this project, which to date is the largest constructed in the Makerspace, can be found here. You can watch a time-lapse of the rhizotrons being built on YouTube.   
Content card equipment


Pant/tilt robot 
An automated pan/tilt camera for plant phenotyping. The camera system uses AI approaches to directly control the camera gimbal, allowing it to automatically ensure the entire plant sample is held in the centre of frame, maximising the use of the camera’s sensor. This project was conducted in collaboration with the Computer Vision Lab


Canopy temperature sensor and logger 
A prototype canopy temperature sensor system with built in data logging, designed for deployment in field in Mexico, as part of a collaborative project with CIMMYT. More information about this project can be found here
Canopy temperature sensor


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