Molecular Phenomics equipment

Based in the newly refurbished analytical suite of North Lab, Sutton Bonington, the Molecular Phenomics Platform is equipped with a range of equipment to help researchers mill, extract, clean up and concentrate samples ahead of LCMS or GCMS analysis. In addition, the group also has direct access to a wide range of equipment housed within the analytical suite, including Soxhlet fat extraction for total fats, elemental nitrogen analysis, LC-QQQ, GC-MS, bomb calorimeter, and sugars analysis via Dionex Ion Chromatography.



High resolution Q-TOF with UHPLC front end
State of the art system capable of targeted quantitation, wide range screening, and untargeted metabolomics. Samples are separated via a suitable chromatographic method, ionised via (+) or (-) ESI, then separated on the basis of mass to charge ratio via the TOF mass analyser. A Quadrupole mass analyser allows for the isolation and subsequent fragmentation of unknowns, which can be annotated using exact mass and fragmentation patterns via Sirius software.
This system uses full immersion in liquid nitrogen to embrittle even the hardest samples. A steel rod is propelled between electromagnets to reduce the sample to a fine powder, without incurring friction induced heat damage. Typical sample weights can range from 1-25g. Wet samples typically require freeze drying before this milling process is applied, to prevent stickiness on thawing.
Bead mill
This unit uses ceramic bead media to homogenise samples in both wet and dry modes. Uses standard 1.5 ml micro centrifuge tubes for low frequency milling, or 2ml milling tubes for higher intensity milling.
SPE manifold
Compatible with a wide range of solid phase extraction cartridges, this system can be used to retain target analytes whilst allowing interfering compounds to be washed to waste

Nitrogen blow-down concentrator

This system enables the removal of organic solvents at atmospheric pressure, under a stream of nitrogen gas

Centrifugal evaporator

This system enables the removal of solvent mixtures, under vacuum, without bumping. Compatible with well plates, as well as 1.5 and 15 ml centrifuge tubes

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