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Advanced Healthcare Materials 2021


hPSC expansion and multi-lineage differentiation on discovered novel blend material.

Latest research uncovers a novel biomaterial with potential for culturing human stem cells

Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC) can be expanded and differentiated into almost any adult tissue cell type, thus making them a valuable source for various biomedical applications. In the published study, a high-throughput materials discovery approach was used to screen over 600 hPSC-polymer interactions to identify a novel fully-defined material (polymer synthetic substrate) for hPSC culture. This system overcomes current limitations of hPSC culture methods, providing a scalable substrate which can be readily applied to tissue culture plasticware; whilst retaining stem cell integrity after long‐term serial culture. Fulfillment of regulatory culture requirements, makes this research translatable to clinical‐scale, therapeutic, and biomedical applications.

The full article can be read in the journal Advanced Healthcare Materials.

Discovery of a Novel Polymer for Xeno‐Free, Long‐Term Culture of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Expansion
Aishah Nasir, Jordan Thorpe, Laurence Burroughs, Joris Meurs, Sara Pijuan‐Galito, Derek J. Irvine, Morgan R. Alexander & Chris Denning.
Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2001448

Posted on Thursday 7th January 2021

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