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EPSRC New Horizons Funding Awarded


Expanding the Horizons of Imaging: Real-time Tracking of Drugs in the Brain, led by Anne McLaren Fellow Dr Rian Griffiths of the School of Pharmacy

Many drugs showing promise in preclinical analysis fail in clinical trials, due to the challenge of measuring whether it is reaching the right tissue at the correct time and for the required duration.

We will use a known brain tumour targeting drug and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for real-time imaging of drug distributions in mice, supported by optical imaging via microscopy and validated via mass spectrometry imaging of tissue samples from the same animal. Combining these techniques will, for the first time, comprehensively showcase drug distribution in real time.

This approach will potentially improve drug analysis options for a diverse array of diseases.

Dr Rian Griffiths said, "As an Anne McLaren Fellow and early career researcher, I am especially delighted to be recognised by such a prestigious scheme as New Horizons, and it is also a great reflection on the University’s fellowship schemes, as my co-investigator Dr Pete Harvey is a Nottingham Research Fellow based within the Precision Imaging Beacon, while another member of our team, Dr Ruman Rahman is a former Nottingham fellow and now Associate Professor of Molecular Neuro-Oncology".

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Posted on Friday 15th January 2021

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