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Bio-Instructive Materials Inspires a Community-Made Lab Coat

AHM Front Cover

Heart-in-a-dish platforms for modelling cardiac disease have been formed from polymer chemistries which support human pluripotent stem cell cardiomyocytes using micro-topographies discovered in the Biomaterials Discovery EPSRC Programme Grant and an Impact Acceleration Account grant. This work was represented in visually stunning art works which were exhibited at Highfields Park, Art-in-science exhibition (2021) on University Park campus and featured as a front cover in Advanced Healthcare Materials journal.

These bio-instructive material designs were taken from canvas to 111 textile artworks created by Nottingham-based community members (through workshops held at City Arts and Hubb Nottingham, Sneinton) which were skilfully stitched into a stunning lab coat (by Bespoke Clothing in Nottingham City - one BC). This was part of an exciting new project, HeART, funded by University of Nottingham’s Institute for Policy & Engagement.

The lab coat has been exhibited at City Arts, Lakeside Arts and is set to be part of an ongoing travelling exhibition including Nottingham’s Festival of Science and Curiosity and “Science in the park” at Wollaton. The lab coat will be taking residence at the Biodiscovery Institute where it will be used a communication tool to hold patient public involvement groups for Bio-Instructive materials for translation-ready medical devices.

Heart Project Lab Coat


 Image above: Lab coat inspired by bio-instructive materials created from the HeART community project. 

 Article image: Human pluripotent stem cell expansion and differentiation on microscopic spots of polymer chemistries.

Posted on Friday 3rd March 2023

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