Conferences 2015-16

Details of outgoing and incoming conferences 2015-16.

Outgoing 2015-16
 Academic/Researcher Conference Location Date Attended/Presented/Poster
Amir Ghaemmaghami  Advances in Biotechnology for Food and Medical Applications  Sydney, Australia October 2016  Invited speaker
Cameron Alexander NSFC-RSC International Symposium  Hangzhou, China  September 2016   Invited speaker
Paul Williams  Institute of Infection and Global Health Liverpool  September 2016   Research Seminar
Morgan Alexander NanoInnovation  Rome  September 2016  Invited Speaker
Morgan Alexander Biofilm meeting  Thesinge September 2016  Attended
Amanda Pearce Recent Apointees in Polymer Science (RAPS)  Loughborough September 2016  Poster
Cameron Alexander UK PharmSci Conference  Glasgow September 2016  Attended
Morgan Alexander and Paulius Mikulskis  The European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology and the Society for Mathematical Biology London July 2016 Invited speaker and attended
Paulius Mikulskis Conference on Chemoinformatics  Sheffield July 2016 Attended
Marta Alvarez Paino  Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES 2016) UCL, London July 2016 Poster
Derek Irvine, Steve Howdle, Cameron Alexander , Amanda Pearce and Benoit Couturaud Warwick Polymer International Conference  Warwick July 2016  Invited speakers, Poster and Attended
Richard Hague Additive Manufacturing Europe, Healthcare  Amsterdam  June 2016 Invited speaker 
Paul Williams MRC-DTB Workshop  Yorkshire June 2016 Research seminar 
Britta Koch  Gordon Research Conference on ‘Biointerface Science’ Switzerland June 2016  Poster
Paul Williams  Wellcome Trust Researcher Meeting St Albans June 2016 Research seminar
Morgan Alexander UK-India global research challenges workshop  Yorkshire  June 2016 Attended
Cameron Alexander  International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics Valencia May 2016 Chaired a session
Andrew Hook, Peter Magennis, Paulius Mikulskis, Morgan Alexander and Amir Ghaemmaghami World Biomaterials Congress Montreal, Canada May 2016 Invited speakers, Poster and Attended
Paul Williams Institute of Bacterial Cell Biology Newcastle April 2016 Research seminar 
Cameron Alexander  European Symposium on Controlled Drug Delivery The Netherlands April 2016  Invited speaker
Paul Williams MOBI4Health: Biotech Solutions for Health and Environment Conference Gdansk, Poland April 2016 Talk 
Marta Alvarez Paino  APS Industrial Insights Conference  GSK, Ware April 2016 Attended
Chris Denning  French Society for Cell and Gene Therapy Marseille March 2016 Invited speaker
Cameron Alexander University of Manchester Workshop  Manchester March 2016 Invited speaker
Cameron Alexander International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN) Manchester March 2016 Invited speaker
Cameron Alexander  WG Workshop Drug Delivery Systems Manchester March 2016 Invited speaker
Cameron Alexander University of Monash Melbourne, Australia February, 2016  Lecture
Morgan Alexander Millipore Scientific Advisory Board Boston, USA November 2015 Distinguished guest
Chris Denning  NGESTEM’s first international congress  Paris November 2015  Invited speaker


Incoming 2015-16
Academic/Researcher  ConferenceLocation Date Attended/Presented/Poster 
Morgan Alexander European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Nottingham  July 2016  Attended
Speakers included: Angus Johnston (Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Kris Thurecht (Centre of Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland), Arwyn Jones (Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff) and John McGhee (UNSW Sydney).  Mini-symposium on Nanoscience/nanomedicine  Nottingham  July 2016  Talks
Prof Phil Williams, Prof Paul Williams, Prof Ricky Wildman, Prof Martyn Davies and many others attended.  LBSA (Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis) conference  Nottingham  July 2016  Presentations and attended 
Richard Hague, Christopher Tuck and  Ricky Wildman International Conference on Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Nottingham July 2016 Chaired, Invited Speaker and attended

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