Conferences 2016-17

Details of outgoing and incoming conferences 2016/17

Outgoing Conferences 2016-17
 Academic/Researcher Conference Location DateAttended/Presented/Poster 
Paul Williams Cell-Cell Communication in Bacteria 6 Conference  American Society for Microbiology, Athens, Georgia, USA  October 2017  Keynote 
Morgan Alexander and Britta Koch AVS Tampa  October 2017  Plenary lecture and contributed talk 
Paul Williams    Madrid, Spain October 2017  Invited seminar
Cameron Alexander EPSRC ECR Workshop   Manchester October 2017  Attended
Mahi Amer 11th UK Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC)   University of Chester, UK September 2017  Talk
Amanda Pearce and Cameron Alexander  Recent Appointees in Polymer Science     September 2017  Talk and attended
Amanda Pearce, Nishant Singh, Alessandra Travanut, Dara O'Brien and Cameron Alexander Polymers for Advanced Technologies    September 2017  Talk, Poster, organiser  and Co-Chair 
Morgan Alexander  SIMS Europe Krakow, Poland September 2017 Talk "Why do bacteria stick to some surfaces and not others?" 
Paul Williams Rutherford Appleton Laboratories Harwell, Oxford  September 2017 Invited research seminar 
Morgan Alexander UC San Diego Bioengineering, Jacobs School of Engineering, Institute of Engineering in Medicine August 2017 Special seminar entitled "Discovery of Bio-instructive Materials."
Cameron Alexander 3rd Functional Polymeric Materials conference Rome July 2017 Invited seminar
Amanda Pearce and Cameron alexander Controlled Release Society Boston, USA July 2017 Highlighted poster and attended
Amir Ghaemmaghami Micro-engineering in medicine Workshop Harvard, Boston July 2017 Attended
Britta Koch FEBS Workshop - Biological Surfaces and Interfaces: Interface Dynamics Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain July 2017 Poster
Felicity Rose, Marta Alvarez and Mahi Amer TCES 2017: Tissue and Cell Engineering Society - 17th Annual Meeting Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK July 2017 Poster and presentation
Morgan Alexander TERMIS 2017: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society – European Chapter meeting  Davos, Switzerland June 2017 Invited speaker (view abstract)
Cameron Alexander  UK PharmSci  University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield June 2017  Talk on “Exploiting biological responses with polymer therapeutics"
Morgan Alexander The United Kingdom Society for Biomaterials Loughborough June 2017 Talk, "Bio-instructive materials discovery."
Cameron Alexander Center for Research in Molecular Medicine and Chronic Diseases (CiMUS) University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain June 2017 Talk
Morgan Alexander, Felicity Rose, Amir Ghaemmaghami and Marta Alvarez TERMIS 2017: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society – European Chapter meeting  Davos, Switzerland June 2017 Poster
Paul Williams FEMS Congress Valencia, Spain June 2017 Session Oeganizer, chair and gave an Invited Talk
Amanda Pearce, Valentina Crucitti, Dara O'Brien and  Cameron Alexander Macrogroup YRM Edinburgh, Scotland June 2017 Posters and attended
Morgan Alexander Biomaterials Congress BIOMAT France June 2017 Talk
Marta Alvarez and Mahi Amer UKSB 2017: The United Kingdom Society for Biomaterials Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK June 2017 Received the 2nd Poster Prizes (joint runners up!)

Morgan Alexander Broad Institute Cambridge, USA May 2017 Talk: "Discovery of Bio-instructive Materials"
Amir Ghaemmaghami European Congress 3D Printing in Science Hanover, Germany May 2017 Attended
Cameron Alexander EPSRC Targeted Therapeutics Workshop Bristol May 2017 Attended
Paulius Mikulskis PyData London May 2017 Attended
Alessandra Travanut KIT Germany April 2017 Visit
Cameron Alexander The High Polymer Research Group annual meeting Pott Shrigley, Cheshire April 2017 Attended
Cameron Alexander European Nanomedicine Meeting  King's College, London April 2017 Invited speaker
Jamie Thompson BSMB Spring Meeting, Matrix Proteoglycans Oxford April 2017 Attended
Dara O'Brien Bristol Synthesis Meeting Bristol April 2017 Attended
Amanda Pearce The British Society for Nanomedicine’s EuropeanNanomedicine Meeting London April 2017 Attended
Cameron Alexander University of Birmingham Birmingham February 2017 Invited lecture: “Synthetic polymers as probes for biology”
Morgan Alexander KIT Germany February 2017 Talk
Dara O'Brien 50th Annual Meeting on 'Modern Aspects of Stereochemistry'  Sheffield January 2017 Attended
Morgan Alexander PacSurf Hawaii December 2016 Talk: "Why do bacteria stick to some materials and not others?"
Dara O'Brien Frontiers in Green Materials London December 2016 Attended
Morgan Alexander AVS Nashville November 2016 Talk: "Why do bacteria stick to some materials and not others?"
Paul Williams UK-China Workshop on Antimicrobial Resistance China November 2016  
Cameron Alexander, Felicity Rose and Marta Alvarez EPSRC EHDA Network: Intl. Pharm. Tech. Conference Leicester November 2016 Invited speaker, Attended and Poster


Incoming Conferences 2016-17
 Academic/Researcher ConferenceLocation Date  Attended/Presented/Poster
Cameron Alexander   NC3Rs Conference Nottingham  September 2017 Attended
Amanda Pearce  Cancer Research Nottingham Nottingham September 2017 Invited talk on Chemistries for 'Self-Assembling Polymer-Drug Conjugates'. 
Many PG members Joint meeting with the Glasgow Programme Grant  Nottingham  July 2017 Attended
Mahi Amer and Marta Alvarez Paino School of Pharmacy Conference Nottingham July 2017 Talk and Poster
Jordan Thorpe and Morgan Alexander  British Heart Foundation Regerative #oujet  University of Nottingham  June 2017 Poster and Talk 
 Cameron  Alexander Technology Touching Life Workshop  Nottingham June 2017 Attended 
Amanda Pearce  CDT/ Nanofar workshop/training week  Nottingham April 2017  Invited talk 
Cameron Alexander Cyclops Grand Challenge Workshop Nottingham  March 2017   Attended
Many PG members Inaugural Biomaterials Discovery Workshop  Nottingham  January 2017  Attended and chaired
Many PG members School of Pharmacy External Seminar: 3D Printing Functional Materials & Devices Nottingham November 2016 Dr Michael McAlpine (University of Minnesota) held a seminar

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