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To develop Intelligent Robot Control for positional accuracy better than 0.1mm, targeted at various aerospace applications. Integration with intelligent assembly systems to monitor key parameters of the manufacturing system, supporting quality assurance, geometric deviation awareness, and data feedback for real-time continuous improvement​.

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Wing Lean Innovative Future Technology


  • Develop advanced robotic guidance systems for positioning and inspection of large components and assemblies​
  • Develop and demonstrate open, standards-compliant, extensible and smart assembly cell architecture​
  • Implement for a set of industrial scenarios, using the integrated technology demonstrator to evaluate and validate​

Impact / Results

  • Requirements and baseline study​
  • Scheme solutions for intelligent metrology and smart integrated assembly cells​
  • Physical demonstration of system​

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To find out more about WingLift get in touch with Emma Shires or Svetan Ratchev.

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Project Reference

IUK 113162

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Centre for Aerospace Manufacturing

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email: Svetan.Ratchev@nottingham.ac.uk