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Practitioner Based Events

Adolphs, S., Harvey, K., Mullany, L. and Smith, C.  "Teenage Health Talk Online". Presentation delivered at the East Midlands Strategic Health Authority, School Nurses Meeting, Nottingham, October 2011.

Adolphs, S. & Mullany, L. “Am I normal?” A new communications tool for healthcare practitioners. 'From Innovation to Impact': University of Nottingham Innovation Expo, Jan 27-28 2011.

AYPH event Conference. Exhibition Stand at the annual conference of The Association for Young People's Health (AYPH) 1st March 2011. Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh.


Academic Presentations

Smith, C., L. Mullany, K. Harvey, S. Adolphs, “Health Communication and the Internet: An Analysis of Adolescent Language Use on the Teenage Heath Freak Website”. Conference on Communication, Medicine and Ethics (COMET) 2010 (28-30 June, Boston MA).
Download abstract (pdf) and slides (pdf).

Smith, C., L. Mullany, S. Adolphs, K. Harvey, “Computer-Mediated Adolescent Health Communication: Local and Global Audiences”. British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL) 2010 (9-11 September, University of Aberdeen).
Download abstract (pdf) and slides (pdf).

Mullany, L. “Analysing health communication: The intersection of linguistics and medicine in adolescent health care.”. Invited plenary speaker, Young Linguists Meeting in Poznan Conference 2010 (YLMP) (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland April 24).
Download abstract (pdf) and slides (pdf).

Harvey, K., M. Locher & L. Mullany ”'You may very well feel like a small fish in a big pond': A linguistic analysis of the constructions of mental health in two Internet advice columns”. Conference on Communication, Medicine and Ethics (COMET) 2009 (Cardiff University, 25-27 June).
Download slides (pdf)

Harvey, K., M. Locher & L. Mullany “Identity performance in online health columns: The linguistic construction of the expert persona”. British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL) 2008 (Swansea University, September 11-13).
Download abstract (pdf) and slides (pdf).

Harvey, K.., M. Locher & L. Mullany ”'Is the aids virus difficult to catch?': A linguistic analysis of two Internet advice columns on sexual health”. Conference on Communication, Medicine and Ethics (COMET) 2008 (University of Witwatersrand, Cape Town, South Africa July 1-3).
Download abstract (pdf) and slides (pdf).

Adolphs, S. “Health Communication: linguistic analysis, knowledge transfer and innovation”, ESRC Business Seminar on “Knowledge Transfer from Medical Professionals to Industry”, (28th November 2007, Biocity, Nottingham).

Adolphs, S. “Linguistics and Medicine”, AHRC/University of York workshop on ‘The Arts and Humanities: A Rich Source of Knowledge for Commerce?’, Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (RSA) London, 28 March 2007.

Mullany, L. & K. Harvey (2007) Fluid boundaries of politeness in adolescent-doctor CMC encounters. Third International Symposium on Politeness, University of Leeds, Leeds, July 2-4.
Download abstract (pdf) and slides (pdf).

Harvey, K., Adolphs, S., Atkins, S. Brown, B. ‘Am I normal?' Teenagers, Sexual Health and the Internet’ , presentation held at The Tenth International Conference on Language and Social Psychology (ICLASP 10), Bonn, 14-17 June 2006.

Adolphs, S. and Harvey, K. “Communicating Medical Concerns: A Corpus Analysis of Adolescent Health Emails”, British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) 2005 (London, 15-17 September).


Harvey, K. and Adolphs, S. (forthcoming 2011) Discourse and Healthcare. In Handford, M. (ed) The Routledge Handbook of Discourse Analysis. Abingdon: Routledge.

Harvey, K., D. Churchill, P. Crawford, B. Brown, L. Mullany, A. Macfarlane, and A. McPherson. 2008. Health communication and adolescents: what do their emails tell us? Family Practice 25: 1-8.

Harvey, K., B. Brown, P. Crawford, A. Macfarlane, and A. McPherson. 2007. ‘Am I normal?’: Teenagers, sexual health and the internet. Social Science and Medicine 65: 771-781.

Adolphs, S., Atkins, S. and Harvey, K. (2007) Caught between professional requirements and interpersonal needs: vague language in health care contexts. In Cutting, J. (ed.) Vague Language Explored. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Adolphs, S. (2006) Introducing Electronic Text Analysis. Abingdon and New York: Routledge.

Adolphs, S, Brown, B., Carter, R., Crawford, C. and Sahota, O. (2004) Applying corpus linguistics in a health care context. Journal of Applied Linguistics, 1, 1: 9-28.


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