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FLUTE Seminar - 29th April

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Wednesday 29th April 2020 (14:00-14:30)
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The Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group warmly invites you
to attend their Virtual Wednesday Seminar on 29th April at 14.00pm.   

"Development of high authority synthetic jet actuators for aerospace applications" 

 Baris Gungordu

 Guest Speaker: Baris Gungordu


This study examines jet velocity and electric-to-fluidic power efficiency improvement of an adjacent diaphragm-orifice configuration synthetic jet actuator by employing a single-crystal piezoelectric disc. The study involves development and parameter estimation of the actuator which is followed by an experimental study. Laser vibrometer and hot-wire anemometry were used in the experiments to measure diaphragm displacement and output velocity, respectively. Experiments achieved a peak electro-fluidic power conversion efficiency of 39% with a peak output jet velocity of 58 ms-1. A 3-D multi-physics computational simulation was developed to reproduce the experimental results. The simulation results showed an acceptable match with experimental data. Peak diaphragm displacement and peak output jet velocity matched with 3% and 5% with experimental data, respectively. For a potential full-scale study, the implication of moving from a horizontal diaphragm-orifice configuration to an adjacent one is also discussed and quantified.


Baris joined the M3 Department of the University of Nottingham as a PhD Student in February 2018. His supervisors are Dr Mark Jabbal and Professor Atanas Popov. He received a BEng degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2013 from Queen Mary, University of London. He studied an MSc degree at Imperial College London on Computational Methods in Aeronautics. In 2014, he joined Airbus (Hamburg, Germany) as a graduate intern in Flight Physics department for 13 months. In 2015-2016 he studied an MRes degree in Fluid Dynamics at Imperial College London. His research focuses on experimental and computational analysis & development of piezoelectrical-driven synthetic jet actuator for active flow control on aircraft wings. 

This virtual seminar will take place through FLUTE Teams - Office 365.  If you are not a member and would like to attend, please contact Sarah Taylor, Research Administrator who can add your name.

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