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FLUTE Seminar- 26th March 2021

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Friday 26th March 2021 (15:30-16:30)
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“Advances in Heat Transfer Enhancement”

 Yuying Yan

  Guest Speaker: Yuying Yan 


Heat transfer enhancement, which has long been a topic of both fundamental research and practical applications in thermal engineering, has recently drown much more attention to heat transfer community and many other industrial societies.  In addition to the requirement of more effective heat exchangers for industrial systems, processes and equipment, there is an increasing demanding of new heat transfer enhancement technologies for the variety of thermal managements of industrial systems and equipment, in particular for power electronics, telecommunications, automotive and aerospace industries.  In this lecture, novel or smart methods of heat transfer enhancements, such as phase change, microchannels, nanofluids, and nature inspired technologies, etc., will be reviewed and introduced; the recent advances in research of heat transfer enhancement & relevant technological development for industrial thermal managements will be presented and discussed. 


Yuying Yan graduated from Jilin University with BSc in Internal combustion engine engineering in 1982, and a MSc in Thermal Science Engineering at Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering in 1986. He studied for a PhD at City University of London from 1992 in the area of electrohydrodynamic enhancement of phase change process & nucleate boiling sponsored by ORS award from Vice Chancellor Committees and Mars Confectionery UK, and was awarded a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1996.  After taking research & academic positions at University of Surrey and Nottingham Trent University, respectively, he joined University of Nottingham in 2004, and was promoted to full Professor of Thermofluids Engineering in 2011. 

His research covers widely ranged areas of thermofluids engineering. He received Design & Nature Award & US Navy Young Scientist Awards in 2004, Royal Academy of Engineering Research Exchanges with China and India Award 2011, etc., He chaired the first International Symposium of Biomimetic Functional Surfaces and Fluids and created the first UK-China joint laboratory with Jilin University in 2009. He chaired or co-chaired 10 international conferences/events since 2009.  He serves as Associate Editor for Elsevier Journal “Case Studies in Thermal Engineering”, also holds editorial board membership at a few refereed journals including International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Scientific Report, Journal of Bionic Engineering, Thermal Science & Engineering Progress, Energy Storage & Saving, and Automotive Innovation, etc.

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