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FLUTE Seminar - 28th April 2021

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Wednesday 28th April 2021 (14:00-15:00)
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The Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group warmly invites you
to attend their Virtual Wednesday Seminar on 28th April at 14.00pm  

"Microscale particles in flows: The Good, the Bad and the Harmful"

Jason Stafford (1)

Guest Speaker: Dr Jason Stafford  


A variety of applications involving thermofluids require the handling and use of small-scale particles, from chemical and material processing to advanced flow diagnostics. In this talk, I discuss recent work combining experiments, numerics, and materials characterisation, to explore three different areas where fluid dynamic interactions between liquids, gases and micro- and nano-scale particles play a central role. These include the production of 2D materials for future technologies, data center and telecommunications cooling in poor air quality environments, and dispersion of vehicle non-exhaust emissions. Our investigations typically integrate the strengths of in situ experiments (e.g. PIV/PTV) with high fidelity numerical models (e.g. DNS/LES) to reveal the underlying transport phenomena and the rate-controlling parameters. This in turn opens up opportunities to improve process intensification, reduce fouling of heat exchange surfaces, and limit human exposure to pollutants. 


Jason Stafford is a lecturer in the School of Engineering at the University of Birmingham. He earned his Ph.D. in experimental thermofluids at Stokes Institute, University of Limerick, Ireland. He worked at Bell Labs as a Member of Technical Staff (2012-2017) and joined Imperial College London in 2017 as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow. His research interests are at the interface between fluid dynamics, heat and mass transport phenomena, and materials science, with application to electronics thermal control and solution processing of nanomaterials.

Dr Jason Stafford, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham. Email: j.stafford@bham.ac.uk

If you would like to attend and didn't receive an invitation, please contact Research Administrator, Sarah Taylor. 

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