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FLUTE Seminar - April 2020

Microsoft Teams
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 (14:00-14:30)
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“Windage losses in rotating machinery”

Annalisa Ferrante

Guest Speaker: Annalisa Ferrante


The study focuses on the analysis of the power loss that a rotating body experiences dragging air or air-oil mist. This is commonly referred as windage power loss. An enclosed rotating disc in a single-phase fluid was firstly analysed; the equations were then modified to simulate a partially wet disc rotating in an enclosure and a cylindrical body rotating with losses associated to blades was considered. The influence of geometric parameters, degree of confinement, density of the fluid surrounding the body, and the linear speed on windage losses were investigated; the higher the speed, the higher the rotating body vulnerability to the windage loss. A further analysis relates the windage losses investigation to a Pelton geometry, with a particular focus to the two-phase flow rotational regime, identifying the best-fit equation to use for comparing the theoretical modelling with a future experimental campaign.


Annalisa joined the M3 Department of the University of Nottingham as a PhD Student in April 2018. Her supervisors are Dr Antonino La Rocca and Professor Alasdair Cairns. She received a BEng degree in Energy Engineering in 2015 from University of Palermo, Italy. She received an MSc degree at University of Palermo on Energetic and Nuclear Engineering in 2017. After moving to the UK in 2017 she worked as an assistant researcher on a project investigating the impact of copper leaching on combustion characteristics and particulate emissions in HPCR diesel engines before beginning her PhD. Her research focuses on an innovative prototype which aims to reduce the turbo-lag issue in turbocharger and the implementation in hydraulic hybrid vehicles together with fundamental fluid dynamic research of rotational machinery and associated losses.

This virtual seminar will take place through FLUTE Teams - Office 365.  If you are not a member of the group but would like to attend, please contact Sarah Taylor.

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