Food, Water, Waste Research Group

Wastewater treatment and reuse

Resource management and waste minimisation are crucial in wastewater treatment and chemical processes.

New approaches are needed to manage resources and treat wastes enabling reuse within the process, value recovery from waste streams (e.g. chemicals and/or energy generation) and/or release into environmental systems, subject to meeting necessary legislative requirements.

We are investigating the development and use of bio-sourced feedstocks or catalysts that increase the system complexity due to the inherent variability exhibited by the biological entity. 

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Key to developing and evaluating processes to produce wastewater fit for reuse and valorisation is understanding and accounting for this complexity. We use data analytics and modelling, such as targeted and untargeted analysis of bioactive chemical pollutants and their metabolites, to inform process evaluation and technology development, delivering efficiency and resource resilience.



Food, Water, Waste Research Group

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