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NTEC - Bitumen Testing

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UKAS Accredited Bitumen Tests
Accelerated aging of asphalt binder using a pressurized aging vessel (PAV) BSEN 14769:2012 & AASHTO R28-02 
Breaking Point of bitumen - Fraass method BSEN 12593:2015
Determination of open flash and fire point: Cleveland method BSEN ISO 2592:2017 & AASHTO T48-04
Determination of the flexural creep stiffness - bending beam  rheometer (BBR) BSEN 14771:2012 & AASHTO T313
Determination of viscosity of bitumen using a rotating spindle apparatus/Brookfield viscometers BSEN 13302:2018 & AASHTO T316-04 & ASTM D-4402-02
DSR Method: Complex shear modulus and phase angle of bituminous binders BSEN 14770:2012 & SHW CI956 08/08
DSR Method: Determining the rheological properties of asphalt binder using a dynamic shear rheometer AASHTO T315-05
RTFOT- Determination of the resistance to hardening under the influence of heat and air. BSEN 12607-1:2014 & AASHTO T240-03 & ASTM D2872-04
Softening point-ring and ball BSEN 1427:2015 & ASTM D36-95 (2000)
Solubility of bitumen BSEN 12592:2007
Storage stability of modified bitumen BSEN13399:2010 
Penetration of bitumen BSEN 1426:2015 & ASTM D5-05a
Non Accredited Bitumen Tests
Ash content                                                                         BSEN 12697-47:2010 & BSEN ISO 6245:2002
Blending bitumen In house procedure
Blending polymer modified bitumen In house procedure
Bulb fuming In house procedure
Bulk density of bituminous specimens BSEN 12697-6:Clause 9.2:2012
Density or relative density of bitumen-inc prep BSEN ISO3838:2004
Determination of acid or base number. Colour-indicator titration method BS 2000-139:1998
Determination of staining tendency of bitumen BSEN 13301:2010
Determination of the elastic recovery of modified bitumen BSEN 13398:2010
Determination of the paraffin wax content BSEN 12606-1:2015
Determination of the tensile properties of modified bitumen by the force ductility method BS EN13589:2008                                  
Ductility of bitumen ASTM D113-99
Dynamic viscosity of bitumen by vacuum capillary viscometer method BSEN 12596:2014
Kinematic viscosity of bitumen BSEN 12595:2014 & ASTM D2170-01a
Measurement of density and specific gravity of bitumen BSEN 15326:2007 + A1:2009
Micro penetration In house procedure
Spot test of asphaltic materials AASHTO T102
Polymer dispersion by microscopy In house procedure 
TFOT-determination of the resistance to hardening under the influence of heat and air BSEN12607-2:2014
Weak and strong acid number - potentiometric titration method ASTM D664-95



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