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UKAS Accreditied Bituminous Mixtures Test Methods

Air Voids Content BSEN 12697-8:2018 
Determination of Bulk Density of Asphalt Samples -Dry BSEN 12697-6:Clause 9.2:2012
Determination of bulk density of bituminous specimens: SSD Specimens BSEN12697-6: Claus 9.3:2012 & ASTM D2726-93A
Determination of bulk density of bituminous specimens: Sealed Specimens BSEN 12697-6:Clause 9.4:2012
Determination of bulk density of bituminous specimens: by Dimensions BSEN12697-6:Clause 9.5:2012
Determination of Indirect Tensile Fatigue of Bituminous Mixtures BS DDABF:2003
Determination of maximum density of bituminous mixtures BSEN 12697-5:2018
Manufacture of bituminous mixtures BSEN 12697-35:2016
Manufacture of Bituminous Slab BSEN 12697-33:2003 & BBA Guidelines May 2008
Stiffness - test applying indirect tension to cylindrical specimens (IT-CY) BSEN 12697-26:2004 
Wheeltracking Procedure small size device BSEN 12697-22:2003 & BS 598-110
Tensile Bond Test BD47/99 AppB
Binder Recovery by Distillation BSEN 12697-4:2015
Non Accredited Bituminous Mixtures Test Methods
Ageing Characteristics                BBA Guidelines May 2008 
Analytical Test Method: Composition BS598-102:2003
Compaction of Bituminous Mixture by gyratory compactor BSEN 12697-31:2007
Compaction of mixture by compacting to refusal :vibratory compactor BSEN12697-32:2003
Compaction of mixture by Impact Compactor(Marshall) BSEN 12697-30:2012 
Coring of Laboratory Prepared Specimens In-House Procedure 
Cutting of Samples with a Diamond Saw In-House Procedure 
Degree of Saturation ASTM D4867 Clause 8 
Determination of density and compaction (PRD) on as received cores BSEN 12697-32-2003 
Determination of loose bulk density BSEN 1097-3: 1998 
Determination of the Affinity Between Aggregate and Bitumen (static or rolling) BS EN 12697-11:2012 Clause 5 
Determination of the indirect tensile stiffness modulus of bituminous mixtures  DD 213:1993 
Determination of the indirect tensile strength of bituminous specimens BS EN 12697-23:2003 
Determination of the water sensitivity of bituminous specimens BBA Guidelines May 2008 & BSEN 12697-12:2008 Method A 
Determination of Vacuum Confined Repeated Load Axial Test TRL PA3287/97 
Diesel Immersion: Daily Weighing In-House Procedure 
Effect of water on Bituminous-Coated Aggregate Using Boiling Water (Parts A & B) ASTM D3625-96 
Fatigue of Asphalt BS EN12697-24:2004 
Foam mix preparation In-House Procedure 
Immersion for 24 hours in Aviation Fuel In-House Procedure 
Leutner Shear Test SHW Clause 954 (08/08) 
Measuring the Dimensions of Specimens BS EN 12697-29:2002 
Pendulum Skid Testing BSEN 13036-4:2011 
Preparation of tensile specimens In-House Procedure 
Presence of tar- inc photography In-House Procedure 
Quartering Down of Bituminous Materials BS598-101: 2004 
Resistance of compacted asphalt mixtures to moisture-induced damage AASHTO T283-1 
Resistance to permanent deformation of bituminous mixtures subject to unconfined dynamic loading manufacture DD 226:1996 
Sand Patch test BS 598-105:2000 
SATS SHW Clause 953 (08/08) 
Schellenberg Binder Drainage (duplicate) BSEN 12697-18:2004 
Scuffing TRL Report 176 Appendix G 
Shear Adhesion Test BD47/99 AppB 
Standard TWIT test In-House Procedure 
Tensile Adhesion Test BD47/99 appendix B4.2 (l)
Test methods for hot mix asphalt. Part 19. Permeability of specimen BSEN 12697-19:2012 
Torque Bond Test BBA Thin surfacings App A.3 
Two point bending on Trapezoidal specimens BS EN 12697-26:2004 
Wheeltracking BS EN Large BSEN12697-22:2003 




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