Differentiating UK Capability: Reducing Footprint and Weight of High Power, Integrated PEMD



Academics and Research Fellows in PEMC are delighted to be working on a new project funded by the ‘Driving the Electric Revolution’ challenge. Working closely with project lead GE Power Conversion, and partners Dynex Semiconductor, and Warwick Manufacturing Group, the PEMC Group will undertake innovative research in power electronics, electrical machines and drives (PEMD) technologies. 

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The project - “Reducing Footprint and Weight of High Power, Integrated PEMD” – will conduct research that will strengthen the British manufacturing base for PEMD components, and will develop the related supply chains within the UK. The project will last for two years and has received funding of just under £2M.

Professor Pat Wheeler, Head of the PEMC Group, explained the importance of this project. “We are very pleased to be a partner on this project. The intention behind such DER-funded initiatives is to support the push towards achieving a net-zero carbon economy. The innovative research members of PEMC will deliver, in close collaboration with valued partners, will help achieve this aim and will strengthen the PEMD supply chain, which is vital for sustainable, net-zero delivery.” 

Fusion machine in CAD format.

A 3D CAD Realisation of the machine being developed as part of the project.



Team members include: 


  • Prof Pat Wheeler
  • Prof Chris Gerada
  • Dr Alan Watson
  • Dr Paul Evans
  • Dr Ying Li
  • Dr Rebecca Burns

GE Power Conversion

  • Glyn Costello
  • Dr Angus Bryant
  • Andy Goldney
  • Dr Allan Crane
  • Dr Rauf Sattar


Dynex Semiconductor

  • Robin Lyle
  • Mark Addlesee
  • Paul Mumby-Croft
  • Lee Coulbeck

Warwick Manufacturing Group

  • Dr Thanos Alexakis
  • Bev Lampert
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