Underpinning Power Electronics switch optimisation Theme

wiring and electrical components
Silicon carbide (SiC) N-channel IGBTs have the potential to enable new and highly efficient ultrahigh voltage (10 kV+) applications such as the Smart Grid and HVDC, enabling a low carbon society. However, to date, only four research groups have reported on their successful development, due to the considerable challenge associated with their fabrication. Exploiting a consortium made up of experts from the fields of SiC materials, simulation and fabrication, and building on a recent history of SiC MOSFET, Si IGBT and SiC materials research, the aim of the Switch Optimisation theme of Underpinning Power Electronics is to be amongst the first groups in Europe and the world to develop these devices, and to push the boundaries of what has been achieved in this fledgling field to date. 


For more information about this project, please contact Dr Neo Lophitis.


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