QUICK - Quick Disconnect System

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The Quick Disconnect System (QUICK) project brings the world leading expertise in mechanical, electrical and control engineering focused on aerospace applications at the University of Nottingham to design, develop, manufacture, test and qualify up to demonstrator test levels, a quick disconnect system intended to be installed on future energy-optimised aircraft.



The Quick Disconnect System is based on a unique magnetic coupling design that can transfer mechanical power between two rotating systems during normal operation purely via the interaction between interlocking magnetic fields. When a mechanical or electrical fault is detected in the connected rotating machines, the magnetic coupling automatically decouples them to prevent damage to the rotors and their associated electrical systems. The Quick Disconnect System can recouple the machines once the fault has cleared, providing both improved protection and operational flexibility for critical power systems.
External view of the Quick Disconnect System prototype
External view of the Quick Disconnect System prototype


More information is on the Institute for Aerospace Technology Quick Project page, or by contacting Prof Michael Galea. 

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