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Lead researchers

Professor Avril Drummond, Director of Research and Professor of Healthcare Research

Having qualified as an occupational therapist at Ulster University, Avril gained her MSc in Rehabilitation at the University of Southampton and her PhD at The University of Nottingham. 


Avril is a Fellow of the College of Occupational Therapists, Chair of the UK Stroke Forum, and a member of the RCP Intercollegiate Working Party for Stroke.

Avril is interested in all aspects of rehabilitation research, with a particular focus on stroke rehabilitation and randomised controlled trials. Her past research has included systematic reviews within occupational therapy, evaluating stroke units, group treatments for MS, and trials of falls prevention.


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Dr Kate Threapleton, Stroke Association Postdoctoral Fellow

Kate completed both a BSc in Psychology and a PhD in Social Psychology here at The University of Nottingham, taking several health and wellbeing research posts before focusing on stroke rehabilitation. 


Kate's main interests are developing and implementing low-cost virtual reality interventions for stroke, involving patients, carers and therapists in the process. 

In 2013, Kate was awarded a three-year Postdoctoral Fellowship funded by the Stroke Association. As part of this, she is developing a virtual reality intervention which simulates the environment and risks of a standard home, helping stroke patients and their carers prepare for discharge. 


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Dr Carol Coole, Senior Research Fellow & Research Occupational Therapist

Carol is a qualified occupational therapist and has worked in a variety of clinical areas, including spinal disorders, musculoskeletal conditions and pain.


Carol has an MSc in Human Factors in Manufacturing Engineering and a PhD in Rehabilitation and Ageing. Her current research focuses on vocational rehabilitation. She recently completed a study into the use of GP fit notes, funded by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. Carol is now working on an NIHR HTA study – Occupational advice for Patients undergoing Arthroplasty of the Lower Limb (OPAL).


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Dr Paul Hendrick, Lecturer

A qualified physiotherapist, Paul worked in sports rehabilitation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and chronic pain management before taking his Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy, MSc and PhD at the University of Otago, New Zealand.


Paul now lectures on musculoskeletal rehabilitation, manual therapy, pain management and evidence-based practice here at The University of Nottingham. 


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Lousie Hawkins, Research Assistant & NotFAST Study Co-ordinator

Louise is a registered physiotherapist with experience of working in community rehabilitation settings. 


Louise has worked with people experiencing a wide range of health issues, and has a particular interest in neurological conditions. Louise has recently worked as research co-ordinator for the Nottingham Fatigue After Stroke (NotFAST) study. She was awarded a Stroke Association Postgraduate Fellowship in 2016 and will be studying for a PhD to develop and test a fatigue management programme for use with stroke survivors. 


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Dr Esme Worthington, Research Fellow

Esme has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Sheffield and a PhD in Psychology as Applied to Medicine from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. 


Esme has worked as a researcher at King’s College London and the University of Strathclyde, as an assistant psychologist for the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, and has also worked for the brain injury charity Headway.

Esme’s research focuses on neurorehabilitation, including neuropsychology and occupational therapy. She works across a number of the group’s projects, nurturing collaborative research. 


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Dr Fiona Nouri

Fiona is a qualified occupational therapist. She has a background in stroke research and her PhD focused on the assessment of driving performance following stroke. 


Fiona has recently worked on a number of studies, including the use of the GP fit note, implementation and evaluation of the national Care Certificate, and evaluation of a Dementia Support Network. She will shortly be working on an NIHR HTA funded study – Occupational advice for Patients undergoing Arthroplasty of the Lower limb (OPAL).


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Dr Michelle Hall

Michelle joined The University of Nottingham as a lecturer in 2001, delivering and teaching modules on the BSc Physiotherapy course. She was also responsible for the delivery of the clinical component of the course and completed her MSc at The University of Nottingham in 2004.


Michelle delivers undergraduate teaching on the subjects of evidence-based practice, musculoskeletal disease and disorders, and physical activity and health, as well as supervising MSc students. Osteoarthritis is her principle interest in terms of research, though she has an appreciation for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.


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