Musculoskeletal conditions  

Musculoskeletal conditions – such as hip, knee and spinal problems – can have a serious impact on people’s overall health and quality of life. Through a range of research projects, including clinical investigations and surveys, our experts in musculoskeletal conditions are helping patients access better therapy, get back to work faster, and live more independent lives. 

Examples of our research include exploring how physical activity helps people with lower back pain, how new approaches to knee surgery are affecting rehabilitation, and supporting occupational therapists in identifying best practice for patients who have had a total hip replacement.  

Research that makes an impact

Walking away from chronic low back pain

Can we predict which people are more likely to develop chronic symptoms? 

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Evaluating the way we assess permanent functional impairment of the spine

(Staff lead: Professor Steve Milosavljevic, the University of Saskatchewan, Canada; International collaborator: Dr Paul Hendrick, the University of Nottingham).

A systematic review to identify methods currently available for assessing permanent functional impairment (PFI) of the spine. 

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OPAL: Occupational advice for Patients undergoing Arthroplasty of the Lower Limb

A two phase research programme aiming to develop an occupational advice intervention that improves the return to work process for patients undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery.

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Meet our researchers

Dr Paul Hendrick

Paul is a physiotherapist whose research interests include the diagnosis and management of lower back pain, the role of physical activity in chronic disease prevention, and pain mechanisms. 

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