Stroke rehabilitation

Every three and a half minutes someone in the UK has a stroke, with potentially devastating effects. Of those who survive, many are left with disabilities requiring long-term rehabilitation. In terms of care provision, productivity losses and benefit payments, the economic costs to the UK are estimated to be around £9 billion a year. 

In the Rehabilitation Research Group, our academics are dedicated to improving the lives of people following stroke by carrying out and contributing to research that informs better care and rehabilitation. 

Our current research explores how the use of virtual reality technologies can support stroke patients and clinicians, and how we can better understand and help those suffering from post-stroke fatigue and depression.  

Research that makes an impact

Effectiveness of Stroke OccUpational Therapy Homevisits to improve participation (SOUTH)

The funding for this study has been confirmed (National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC): AUD 1,774,083.22). Details about this study will follow.

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