Cognitive rehabilitation

Problems with attention, memory, and planning and organising tasks are common in neurological conditions such as traumatic brain injury, stroke and multiple sclerosis. 

These problems impact on daily activities and overall quality of life, and are also difficult to treat. As a result, life can be distressing for the individuals affected, as well as for their family and friends.

In the Rehabilitation Research Group, we are exploring techniques that can help individuals to restore normal functioning or to compensate for cognitive deficits. For example, using memory rehabilitation programmes, which can help to retrain memory functions, as well as strategies which may help patients cope better with their cognitive difficulties. 

Research that makes an impact

Neuropsychological Evaluation and Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis - Developing, evaluating and implementing a clinical management pathway (NEuRoMS)

The funding for this study has been confirmed. Details about this study will follow shortly.

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