Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre


Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is associated with marked increases in short and long term mortality, rates of subsequent chronic kidney disease (CKD) and risk of end stage kidney disease (ESKD). The severity of kidney injury and degree of recovery differs significantly between individuals, making it challenging to assess. Clinically, AKI is defined using changes in serum creatinine, a marker of non-specific renal excretory function. Multiparametric MRI offers the potential to assess and quantify pathophysiological processes relevant to AKI non-invasively without the use of gadolinium. In this work we use multiparametric renal MRI to assess longitudinal changes in AKI measuring T1, ASL, DWI and volume measures in the patients at peak AKI, 3 months post peak AKI and 1 year post.AKI