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Chronic Kidney Disease

Funded by Animal Free Research and the Medical Research Council Confidence in Concept.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects 1 in 7 of the population, it can progress to end-stage-kidney disease (ESKD) requiring dialysis or transplantation, and increases cardiovascular risk. The treatment of CKD is supportive and non-specific. Kidney biopsy assessment of interstitial fibrosis is used to assess CKD severity, but is invasive, static and susceptible to sampling error. Improved methods for determining mechanisms for CKD and its progression are urgently required to allow improved stratification of patients. In this study, we use multi-parametric renal MRI including T1, ASL perfusion and DWI to assess structural and haemodynamic changes in CKD patients. We have also assessed the longitudinal changes in MR measures and correlated these with clinical measures and outcomes. We also look at an age matched healthy volunteers cohort to assess the differences between CKD and healthy kidneys.CKD