Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre


HaemoDialysis interventions to REduce Multi-Organ Dysfunction and Effect on quality of Life (HD-REMODEL) Assessed by MRI Scanning.

Funded by Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH.

Dialysis treatment is life-saving for people with kidney failure but may also be associated with severe complications arising from cardiovascular disease and 'cerebral stunning' associated with progressive cognitive decline. In collaboration with the Centre for Kidney Research and Innovation (CKRI), we performed the first intradialytic MRI assessment of cardiac function (CAMRID) [ no. NCT02494843), JASN 28(4):1269-1277. doi: 10.1681/ASN.2016060686.].

In a second study, HD-REMODEL (HaemoDiaylsis Interventions to Reduce Multi-Organ Dysfunction and Enhance Quality of Life Assessed by MRI Scanning (, we are currently assessing the impact of haemodialysis on the cerebral, cardiovascular and renal structure and function.

In HD-REMODEL, we are comparing the acute hemodynamic effects of standard haemodialysis (HD) with thermocontrolled HD to ascertain if thermocontrolled HD provides a protective effect on organ perfusion and circulatory stress compared to conventional haemodialysis. This study aims to characterise in detail cardiac, cerebral and renal structure, function and perfusion in patients during haemodialysis using MRI.Dialysis HDREMDOELdialysis_HDREMODEL_2