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The future of the UK depends on a resilient and sustainable manufacturing sector based on sophisticated technologies. We're dedicated to capturing and applying knowledge from design, manufacture, use and disposal of products.

It's vital that the skills base and manufacturing infrastructure has the ability to produce a high variety of complex products faster, better and cheaper. We can help develop agile facilities, which are responsive to customer needs and make the best use of energy, materials and resources.  By building on our world-leading research, we will set ground-breaking strategies to enhance advanced manufacturing.

Our impact

To meet the challenges facing industry and societies across the world, there is a clear need for a new,  integrated approach towards manufacturing. Our research at the interface between science and industry will discover how to most efficiently use the available skills, resources and knowledge in the UK. We’re dedicated to transforming manufacturing research from its traditional boundaries into a wider, multi-disciplinary activity, which will have huge impacts for industry and the economy.

Our University

The University of Nottingham is uniquely placed to widen the scope and ambition of manufacturing science.  Thanks  to the quality and breadth of our research and close ties to our many industrial partners, we can influence adoption of new technologies and techniques in  ways that many other institutions cannot.  This will put Nottingham at the heart of industrial innovation and boost the UK’s competitive edge as a skills and knowledge-led economy.

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