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August 2000 

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Book Reviews

Art and Outrage: Provocation, Controversy and the Visual Arts by John A. Walker
A Review by Sue Roberts

The Art and Science of Screenwriting by Philip Parker
A Review by Graeme Harper

Gender, Ethnicity and Sexuality in Contemporary American Film by Jude Davies and Carole R. Smith 
A Review by George S. Larke

The Magnificent Ambersons by V. F. Perkins
A Review by Rebecca Robinson

The Media in Britain: Current Debates and Developments edited by Jane Stokes and Anna Reading
A Review by Rebecca Robinson

Passionate Views: Film, Cognition and Emotion edited by Carl Plantinga and Greg M. Smith
A Review by Sarah Cardwell

Pre-Code Hollywood: Sex, Immorality, and Insurrection in American Cinema 1930-1934 by Thomas Doherty
A Review by Christofer Meissner

The Seventies Now: Culture as Surveillance by Stephen Paul Miller
A Review by Ian Smith

Ziegfield Girl: Image and Icon in Culture and Cinema by Linda Mizejewski
A Review by Nadine Wills

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Film Reviews

All film reviews

Erin Brockovich (dir. Steven Soderbergh, 2000)

A Review by Matthew Nelson


The House of Mirth (dir. Terrence Davies, 2000)

A Review by Ian Haydn Smith


The Talented Mr. Ripley (dir. Anthony Minghella, 1999)

A Review by Paolo Rumi


The Deep End of the Ocean (dir. Ulu Grosbard, 1999)

A Review by Eugene Doyen


Victimized (aka The Calendar Girl Murders) (dir. William A. Graham, 1984)

A Review by Rebecca D. Feasey

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