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Portals: Exploring Films Within Films by James Lyons (Guest Editor)

Arizona Dreams (dir. Emir Kusturica, 1993)

A Review by Gordon Reavley


Celluloide (dir. Carlo Lizzani, 1996)

A Review by Luca Promo


Day for Night (dir. François Truffaut, 1973)

A Review by Sachiko Shikoda


The Player (dir. Robert Altman, 1992)

A Review by Chris Ames


Notting Hill (dir. Roger Michell, 1999)

A Review by Will Brooker


The Icicle Thief (dir. Maurizio Nichetti, 1989) 

A Review by Damien Sutton


Last Action Hero (dir. John McTiernan, 1993) 

A Review by Rebecca D. Feasey


Love and Death on Long Island (dir. Richard Kwietniowski, 1998) 

A Review by Scott F. Stoddart


The Man with a Movie Camera (dir. Dziga Vertov, 1929) 

A Review by Kara L. Andersen


Sherlock Jr. (dir. Buster Keaton, 1929) 

A Review by Ira Nayman


The Scream Trilogy (dir. Wes Craven, 1996-2000) 

A Review by Elizabeth Abele


Stardust Memories (dir. Woody Allen, 1980) 

A Review by Paul Grainge


Summer of '42 (dir. Robert Mulligan, 1971) 

A Review by Shlomo Shpiro

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