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February 2000

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Book Reviews

The New American Cinema edited by Jon Lewis
A Review by Martin Flanagan

Postmodern After-Images: A Reader in Film, Television and Video edited by Peter Brooker and Will Brooker
A Review by Kirsty Fairclough

Reception Histories: Rhetoric, Pragmatism, and American Cultural Politics by Steven Mailloux
A Review by Mark Bould

The Secret Politics of Our Desires: Innocence, Culpability, and Indian Popular Cinema edited by Ashis Nandy
A Review by Lalitha Nair

So Close to the State/s: The Emergence of Canadian Feature Film Policy by Michael Dorland
A Review by Fergus Morrin

Studying Media: Problems of Theory and Method by John Corner
A Review by Rita Lago

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Film Reviews

All film reviews

Dark City (dir. Alex Proyas, 1998)

A Review by Will Brooker


Duel to the Death (dir. Ching Siu-tung, 1983)

A Review by Andrew Willis


Human Traffic (dir. Justin Kerrigan, 1999)

A Review by Kate Egan


Lost Son (dir. Chris Menges, 1998)

A Review by Rosie White


The Matrix (dir. Andy and Larry Wachowski, 1999)

A Review by Peter Hutchings

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