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Active Trail


What is the Active Trail?

The Active Trail is a 1.7mile journey around University Park Campus connected by five separate workstations.

The Active Trail allows you to perform body weight and callisthenic type exercises either as an individual or as a group. All stations allow for both strength and aerobic exercises targeting the upper, lower body and core, giving you a full body workout.

Each station is installed on a soft rubber surface allowing for safe exercise in all weather conditions. Stations 1, 3 and 4 have large connected pieces of equipment, while Station 2 and 4 have smaller singular options.

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Get involved

You can use the Active Trail for FREE! There is no need for a Sport Membership, simply just show up and get active! The Trail is perfect if you're working out on your own or with a group of friends or with a sports club.


  • Make sure you wear suitable attire for the weather when using the Active Trail.
  • Use of weights' gloves may help with grip in wet weather and also prevent blisters and calluses.
  • To avoid injury please ensure you warm up before using any equipment.
  • If you haven't used the equipment before, we suggest attending one of our classes (details below) to be shown how to exercise safely.
  • Check out the Active Trail map and suggested workouts below for how to use the equipment correctly

You can find plenty of videos covering a range of exercise at the Life Fitness Academy YouTube channel, plus playlists covering activities for every station on the Active Trail.

Suggested exercises

Burpee and tap
  • Stand in front of the station, drop down into a press-up position
  • Drive your knees into your chest, jump up to tap the bar with both hands 
  • Back to standing position then repeat.
Travel across (alternating hands)
  • Stand below arc bar at one end and jump up to hold onto the bar
  • Swing in a controlled manner, moving one hand in front of the other and travelling to the other side
  • When you reach the other side, let go and repeat to travel back.
Hand walk ups
  • Start in a press-up position with your hands on top of the bars and your feet out from the station
  • Move your hands, one at a time, to the bars below
  • Reverse the movement back to the top, whilst you remain on your toes with your head, neck and shoulders in alignment.

Plyometric push up

  • Use any of the grips and move your feet outwards from the station
  • Stay on your toes with head, neck and shoulders aligned
  • Lower yourself towards the station, bending the elbows
  • In one explosive movement, push away from the station, allowing your hands to come away from the bars
  • Catch the bars, returning to start position and repeat.
Squat, jump and grab
  • Stand facing the pull up station, feet hip width apart
  • Lower yourself down into a squat position and then jump
  • Grab and hold onto the pull up bars for five seconds
  • Let go, drop back into a squat and repeat.
Knee raise
  • Hang with straight arms, holding onto the pull up bar
  • Lift your knees up towards your chest, keeping body still
  • Hold for two seconds, lower knees back down and repeat.
Travel Across
  • Start at the side of the monkey bars, jump up and hold onto the handles
  • Swing in a controlled manner, from one side to the other using the handles.
Hanging Oblique Knee Raise
  • Hang with straight arms, holding onto the monkey bars
  • Lift your knees up, alternating to either elbow, keeping body still
  • Hold for two seconds, lower knees back down and repeat.

Single leg squats

  • Stand side on to the handle, holding the handle for support with your right hand
  • Lean onto left leg, straightening your right leg in front of you
  • Bend at the left knee, squatting as low as you feel comfortable
  • Stand up, and repeat with other leg.
Single Step Jumps
  • Face the lower step, with knees slightly bent
  • Jump with both feet on and off the step
  • Sidestep to the higher step, and then repeat
  • Sidestep back to the lower step

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