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Personal tutors

Personal Tutors

All members of University staff in the UK, China, and Malaysia are involved in student support and development. However, a particularly key role is played by your personal tutor.

The role of a personal tutor varies across individual schools. However, regardless of which school you are in, your personal tutor will act as a gateway to the wider student support and development provision of the University. If you have queries concerning student support and development, you should therefore in the first instance contact your personal tutor. If you're not sure who that is, your school office will be able to help.

It is likely that your personal tutor will also write your references for further study or employment, although other staff may also take on this role.  Your personal tutor will therefore also encourage you to make the most of all the opportunities you will have whilst studying at the University of Nottingham. 

Senior Tutors

All schools in the University will have at least one Senior Tutor who is responsible for coordinating personal tutoring and related student support and development activities in your school or part thereof. There is also a Senior Tutor for the Malaysia campus and one for the China campus.

If you have queries in the area of student support and development that your own personal tutor cannot answer, or if you feel that you cannot approach your designated personal tutor, you should therefore contact your Senior Tutor. One of the specific responsibilities of a Senior Tutor is the allocation of a new personal tutor if this becomes necessary.

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