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Do you aspire to be a global graduate? Do you want to enhance your employability while travelling the world? Do you dream of having an international career? If yes, then studying or working abroad during your degree can help you on your way.

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What is study abroad?

Study abroad gives students an opportunity to apply to study or work in another country during their degree

The duration of your study abroad experience could range from one week to one year. This will depend on the programme you apply for, and the course you are studying.

 “My decision to study abroad was without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I am confident the skills, experiences and friendships I obtained in Malaysia will last a lifetime.”

Emily, BSc International Management,
University of Nottingham Malaysia

What are the benefits of studying abroad with Nottingham?

Discover your inner confidence as you settle into a new culture, make friends, step outside your comfort zone, connect and collaborate, and showcase your resilience.

Studying abroad can help you:

  • become more employable*
  • stand out from the crowd
  • gain key skills such as problem-solving, responsibility, independence, and leadership
  • expand your knowledge of your academic subject
  • have an adventure of a lifetime
  • find out who you are and what you are capable of

*2019 International Education Report: Gone International Mobility Works. Report on the 2017-18 graduating cohort. Universities UK International.

 emily study abroad

What opportunities are available?




Who can apply?

International Summer schools

1 week – 6 weeks

  • Available programmes vary from year to year, however we traditionally promote a range of summer schools offered at partner universities across East and Southeast Asia, Europe and Latin America.
  • Offered during the summer break.
  • Credits are not transferred back to Nottingham and in most cases you are free to study whatever is of interest to you.

All students from any undergraduate course

Inter-campus exchange

1 year or 1 semester*, or as

part of a summer school programme

  • You could travel to either our China or Malaysia campuses
  • Unique opportunity to study abroad in a familiar environment
  • Potential to give your degree a more regional focus with localised modules

Students studying for a degree which is also offered at our international campuses


1 year or 1 semester*

  • You could travel to the Americas, Asia, Australasia, or Europe
  • Experience a new teaching and learning environment
  • Study unique modules which aren’t available in the UK

Students studying an eligible degree

School exchange

1 year or 1 semester*

  • Destinations vary but can include Canada, USA, Latin America, Europe and much more

  • You can study part of your degree, do a work placement, or carry out research in another country

Students studying an eligible degree


*Dependent on your chosen degree

Discover what our students have to say about their exciting study abroad experiences.

 “You will never regret going, but you could regret not going. A year abroad is not just about studying in another university; travelling and settling in another country, it is an education in its own right.”

Chloe Gibbons. LLB Law with South East Asian Law.

National University of Singapore. 

Study abroad with a difference

The University of Nottingham was the first UK university to open a branch campus overseas with the opening of our Malaysia Campus in 2000, followed by our China Campus in Ningbo in 2004.

We are proud to offer students diverse opportunities with our portfolio of

  • 200 partners in 40 different countries
  • spanning six different continents
  • across four different exchange programmes

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