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Insurance Firms and Markets

Programme: Undergraduate

Module Code: N13412

Semester: Spring

Convenor: Stephen Diacon

Credits & Level: 10 credits; Level 3

Pre-requisites: None.

Co-requisites: None.

Target Students: Available to all students. Optional module for Computer science and Management (Part II) and Maths and Management (Part II)

Delivery: 11 one-hour lectures, plus 3 one-hour seminars.

Assessment: One 1.5 hour examination (75%); One 1,500 word essay (25%)

Exam Format:Answer any Two questions. All questions carry equal marks. Paper to contain Six questions.

Summary of Content This module examines the operation of insurance firms and the structure and conduct of the UK insurance market.

Aims To understand the management and operation of insurance companies in the context of the UK insurance markets. To investigate the impact of risk on the organisation and operation of an insurance firm.

Key Words: Insurance management, risk,

Learning Objectives & Outcomes Knowledge and understanding
This module develops a knowledge and understanding of:
  • The development and operation of markets for resources, goods and services.
  • Customer expectations, service and orientation.
  • The sources, uses and management of finance.
  • The use of accounting and other information systems for managerial applications.
  • The management of resources and operations.
  • The development of appropriate business policies and strategies to meet stakeholder needs within a changing environment.
Intellectual skills
This module develops:
  • The cognitive skills of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis, including the ability to identify assumptions, evaluate statements in terms of evidence, to detect false logic or reasoning, to identify implicit values, and to define terms adequately and to generalise appropriately.
  • Effective qualitative problem solving and decision making skills.
  • The ability to create, evaluate and access a range of options, together with the capacity to apply ideas and knowledge to a range of business and other situations.
Professional practical skills
This module develops:
  • Numeracy and quantitative skills including data analysis, interpretation and extrapolation.
  • The ability to apply business models to business problems and phenomena.
  • The ability to conduct research into business and management issues, either individually or as part of a team, including a familiarity with a range of business data and research resources and appropriate methodologies.
Transferable (key) skills
This module develops:
  • Effective oral and written communication skills in a range of traditional and electronic media.
  • Effective self-management in terms of time, planning and behaviour, motivation, self-starting, individual initiative and enterprise.

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