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Nottingham Advantage Award

With more than 2,500 students taking part in over 150 modules, join our Nottingham Advantage Award to build on your extracurricular interests and personalise your career development.

The Award gives you the opportunity to stand out, the vision to achieve your goals and recognition for your commitment. Modules focus on career skills, mentoring, cultural awareness, entrepreneurship and volunteering.

We'd love you to get involved – you'll enjoy the challenge and show potential employers that you've gained valuable skills through making the most of University life.  

The Award explained


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Frequently asked questions


I want to take part in the Award, is there a fee?

The  Award is free to students at The University of Nottingham. 


When can I apply?

Application processes vary from module to module; information can be viewed on Workspace.



How many credits can I complete in an academic year?

You cannot complete more than 20 credits per academic year. However, modules that continue throughout the summer are exempt from this rule as the assessment is completed and credits awarded in the following academic year.



Can I complete more than 30 credits?

No, 30 credits is the number of credits you need to complete the Award and the maximum number of credits you can achieve. The Award includes 10 and 20-credit modules. 


I didn’t sign up for any Award modules but I have already completed lots of extracurricular activities. Can the Award back-date my work?

Unfortunately the Nottingham Advantage Award cannot back-date your involvement in extracurricular activities as you must sign up to the module at the same time. The only exception to this is the Part-time jobs, Vacation jobs and Volunteering module which accredits work you have undertaken within six months of the module starting, provided that you are still working. You cannot complete the same module twice, even if it involves a different project.



I am going to study at Ningbo or Malaysia campus, can I carry on with the Award when I am there?

Yes, you can see the full list of modules available on workspace. You should follow the ‘how to apply’ links which will take you to the relevant campus website pages where you will find instructions for how to apply. If you have completed modules in the UK already that will count towards the full Award. Your transcript and certificate will be issued by the campus you graduate from.


I am coming from Ningbo or Malaysia campus, can I carry on the Award in the UK?

Yes, if you are coming from Ningbo or Malaysia campus, all previous modules you have completed will count towards your Award and you can apply to take part in UK campus modules by following the instructions on workspace module pages. Your transcript and certificate will be issued by the campus you graduate from. 



What is the benefit of earning the Nottingham Advantage Award?

It is great way to gain recognition and degree credits for extracurricular activities during your time at the University. Each module that you complete will be added onto your degree transcript when you graduate and if you finish the full 30-credit Award, you will receive a completion certificate. 

You can include your Award activities on your CV as evidence that you have been involved in various projects at university. It is widely recognised by employers, with many modules that are employer-led and is therefore a great way to work on your networking skills!



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