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A Literary Legacy: D H Lawrence at the University of Nottingham

Poster for A Literary Legacy, D H Lawrence at the University of Nottingham

This exhibition ran in late 2001, and was extended to early 2002 by popular demand. It celebrated the growth of the University's Lawrence Collections over more than forty years. It was also the first of a regular series of displays in the D H Lawrence Pavilion, part of Lakeside Arts Centre.

David Herbert Lawrence (1885-1930) attended the Day Training College at University College Nottingham from 1906 to 1908. He was subsequently dismissive of the experience - the curriculum for his course was aimed at the immediate needs of young student teachers and hardly stimulated Lawrence, who had already studied and read far more widely than his peers.

Returning in 1912 to Nottingham, Lawrence met Frieda Weekley, the wife of his former professor Ernest Weekley. They fell in love and eloped to Germany. Their marriage, and Weekley's great popularity with staff and students at University College, were certainly factors in the lack of interest shown in Lawrence's writings at Nottingham, although the limited attention to twentieth century literature in the English curriculum also played its part.

Today, the Lawrence Collection is one of the University's great resources, drawing students and visitors from all over the world. This exhibition displayed works by Lawrence in manuscript and published form, alongside his correspondence and modern biographical and critical literature.

This online version consists of a series of pages based on the display boards, plus a selection of the exhibits.

We intend mounting online versions of all our exhibitions held at the Weston Gallery, and would welcome your feedback on the content and usability of the following pages.


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