Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

The Faculty is made up of seven schools, which rank highly in national league tables:

We have access to the latest technology and academics who are specialists in their field, enabling us to produce high-quality graduates.

The latest Research Excellence Framework (2014) found our research to be 'world-class' and 'internationally excellent'.


Welcome to the Faculty of Science

Inspirational teaching with a strong tradition of innovation and opportunity


The Faculty of Science undertakes world-class research spanning wide ranging topics including quantum physics, plant genomics, human imaging, sustainable chemistry, neuroscience, mathematical modelling and beyond. We work closely with industry on the training of the next generation of scientists and collaborate worldwide to ensure our research has a major societal impact.

Professor Kevin Shakesheff 
Pro Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Science 





Wheat training foundation offers hope to end rural poverty

In her youth, Tunisian Manel Othmeni developed an interest in interacting with plants, a fascination that later grew into a passion for wheat research. Now, with the help of the Borlaug Training Foundation and Monsanto's Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program, Othmeni is a doctoral student studying abroad with Ian and Julie King, two top global wheat scientists, at Britain's University of Nottingham.

There are at least two trillion galaxies in the universe, ten times more than previously thought

During the past 20 years very deep Hubble Space Telescope images have found a myriad of faint galaxies, and it was approximated that the observable Universe contains about 100 billion galaxies in total. Now, an international team, led by Christopher Conselice, Professor of Astrophysics at The University of Nottingham, has shown that the actual number is much higher than this.

MASS visits sustainable housing development

Is it possible to live a sustainable life and still enjoy our modern day luxuries? Our MASS: 'Modelling and Analytics for a Sustainable Society' Leverhulme scholars visit Hockerton Housing Project to find out.
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Internal Seminar: Carla Eatherington and Megan Barnard

13/12/2016 (13:00-14:00)
A1 Psychology Building
'Exploring the learned predictiveness effect' and 'State anxiety effects on driving in demanding and undemanding environments' on Tuesday 13th December 2016.

Granada Summer School on Quantum Matter

27 (12:00) - 31/08/2017 (12:00)
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