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Appointing External Examiners, External Assessors and Independent Assessors

External Examiners for undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses are appointed on an annual basis up to a normal maximum of four years' service. Council has the power to receive nominations and approve such appointments and discharges its responsibilities in this regard through the Quality and Standards Committee.

Registry and Academic Affairs provides advice and guidance to the Committee, particularly regarding those nominations that fall entirely within the provisions of the Quality Manual.

For Integrated Degree Apprenticeship programmes, Schools will also need to ensure that they nominate suitable candidates for the roles of External Assessor and Independent Assessor.

Where a specific integrated Apprenticeship Programme's End-Point Assessment plan makes references to other specified assessment roles within the marking and assessment team arrangements, they should also be appointed in accordance with eligibility criteria contained within the Quality Manual.

Nominations for the following session for both re-appointments and new appointments are sought in July / August. Registry and Academic Affairs sends lists of Examiners / Assessors and courses for the current session to Schools, and Schools are asked to:

1. Check the list and amend appropriately, indicating those Examiners / Assessors to be re-appointed, deleting those who have finished their term of office and adding to the bottom of the list the details of examiners who are being newly nominated to take on a role

Schools are asked to return the lists to Registry and Academic Affairs, even if no changes are required

2. Ensure that for each new appointment of an External Examiner the following have been completed and returned:

  • For all new appointments, nomination form A;
  • For all undergraduate examiners, form Bi
  • For all postgraduate examiners, form Bii;
  • For the extension of existing External Examiner's duties beyond a fourth year, form Ai

3. For Integrated Apprenticeship Degree programmes, ensure that the following have been completed and returned:

  • For the nomination of new External Examiners / External Assessors, form DA1;
  • For the re-appointment of an External Examiner / External Assessor, form DA2;
  • For the nomination of new Independent Assessors and / or Industry Experts, form DA3;
  • For the re-appointment of an Independent Assessor and / or Industry Expert, form DA4

Please note that a current CV must accompany all nominations

Guidance for Schools on the appointment and responsibilities of External Examiners




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