Animal Research at Nottingham


Sheep in Field

Before any work involving animals can be carried out the establishment, researcher and unit staff must ensure that all legal requirements as set out in The Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 are met.

The establishment in which the work is carried out must have an Establishment Licence issued by the Home Office. This is a schedule of premises that details the areas in which work involving animals can be carried out.  The areas listed on the Establishment Licence each have a specified use and must meet the standards set out in the Code of Practice. Details of which can be found on the Home Office Website

The Establishment Licence also identifies the following individuals:

The Named Person Responsible for Compliance (NCO)

Named Animal Care and Welfare Officers (NACWO)

Named Veterinary Surgeons (NVS)

Named Training and Competence Officers (NTCO)

Named Information Officers (NIO)

The Establishment Licence in itself is not enough to allow work involving animals to be carried out. It only covers the areas in which the work will be taking place.  In order for any work to take place researcher workers must undertake appropriate education and training and have in place both a project licence and a personal licence issued by the Home Office.



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