Animal Research at Nottingham

Personal Licences


Under the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 anyone wishing to carry out a regulated procedure on a protected animal must hold a personal licence. A personal licence is specific to an individual. It contains details of where the individual can carry out regulated procedures, the supervision that is in place for them and specifies which procedures the individual can carry out and on which species.

Before applying for a personal licence the individual must undertake an accredited modular training course for each species they wish to work with. They must also take an additional course if they wish to apply for authority to perform surgical techniques.

Until the project licence holder and NTCO are satisfied that the personal licensee has achieved competence in a particular technique and species, they are not allowed to apply regulated procedures unless given the appropriate level if supervision by the project licence holder or an experienced personal licence holder assigned by him or her. This is to ensure that regulated procedures are performed competently. Any procedures conducted by personal licence holders must be authorised by a relevant project licence.


Applications that are sent directly by individuals to the Home Office  will be referred to the research facility. This is to ensure appropriate facilities and supervision are in place for work to be conducted to the required standard.


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