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Anyone wishing to apply for a project licence or personal licence under the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 must first successfully complete an accredited training course.

The training for personal licence applicants is covered by 11 separate modules (EU Modules 1-8, and 20-22). A summary of the modules and the training requirements for PIL and PPL applicants can be found here.

All personal licence applicants must pass PIL A and B (EU Modules 1-8 and EU Module 20). EU Modules 3 - 8 are species specific and applicants will need to complete a separate assessment for each species they wish to work with.

If the personal licence applicant wishes to perform surgical procedures they must, in addition to PIL A and B training, successfully complete PIL C (EU Module 21 and 22) training.

Project licence applicants must successfully complete EU Modules 9, 10 and 11, specifically designed to cover all areas of writing, applying for and holding a project licence. Project licence applicants must also complete the PIL A and B training course (EU Modules 1-8 and EU Module 20). If surgery is to be included in the project licence, then PIL C (EU Modules 21 and 22) is also required.

The University of Nottingham provides accredited training for PIL A, B and C in a variety of species including aquatics. For further information on these training courses please contact us with details of your establishment, research supervisor and training requirements using the e-mail address provided on this page. 






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