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Any research programme requiring authority under The Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 must be supported by a project licence.  A project licence is issued by the Home Office and provides authority for the performance of regulated procedures on animals by personal licence holders.

A project licence contains background information to the study, the scientific rationale behind it and details of the procedures that are going to be carried out in the course of the study. It also specifies the establishment(s) where the work can take place and the number and species of animal that can be used under that project.The project licence details specific control measures that ensures the procedures carried out have the minimum possible impact on the animal. Anyone who contravenes The Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 would be subject to investigation by the Home Office Inspectorate.


A project licence is only issued when the Home Office is satisfied that all legal and ethical requirements have been met. Potential project licence holders must undertake a Home Office approved training course before they are eligible to apply for a project licence.

The potential project licence holder must complete a project licence application with assistance from the Named Animal Care and Welfare Officer and the Named Veterinary Surgeon.  Once completed the application is then submitted to the University of Nottingham's Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body (AWERB). The AWERB works with the project licence applicant to ensure any ethical concerns are resolved and the principles of reduction, refinement and replacement have been applied to the programme of work. Once the AWERB is satisfied the application is forwarded to the Home Office for approval.

Although a project licence authorises a programme of work only personnel who hold a personal licence are authorised to carry out any procedures under that project licence.

Abstracts for recently approved UK project licences can be found on the Home Office Website

Applications that are sent directly to the Home Office by an individual will be referred to the research facility. This is to ensure that the facilities and expertise are in place before work is authorised.



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